Lerici is an ancient seaside village preserving traces of its historic past in any incomparable glimpse.
This small town is called Perla del Golfo (the pearl of the gulf) because of its breathtaking beauty which attracted popular writers and poets of any time, from Dante Alighieri to Hemingway: they celebrated the beauty of this place with unforgettable words.

Lerici's imposing Castle of Saint George, one of the hugest fortresses on the sea in Europe, hosts two museums and exhibits of national importance. Worth visiting are the near Portovenere, the Cinque Terre, Portofino and Forte dei Marmi for a shopping tour, which can be reached in half an hour by car, ferry or train.

A visit is also recommended to the archeological site of Luni, few minutes far by car. An ancient Rome in miniature from its harbor the marmor lunensis was shipped: the white marble, which made the most important Empire of any time shine.
Finally, the near town of La Spezia hosts museums of national importance.